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Sister Cities

Qingdao, China – established on December 4, 1993

A major sub-provincial city in Shandong Province, China, Qingdao is a city of commerce and industry, and an intensively developed port city in China. Maritime, land, and air transportation have all been well developed in Qingdao, which is famous for hosting the sailing competitions for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and the 13th Paralympics. Due to the influences of German occupation after the Sino-Japanese War, the city is known as a “little Europe” in China and is home to the global beer brand Tsingtao. As a resort city located along the coast, Qingdao is rich in mineral resources and marine products. Major industries in the city include wind power, ocean, biomedicine, home appliance, automobile manufacturing, and e-commerce. Due to its geographical proximity to Korea, the city is a priority investment area for Korea and currently houses over 2,000 Korean enterprises, including Hyundai Shipbuilding and POSCO.

  • Location : Northeastern coast of Shandong Province, China
  • Population : 9.39 million
  • Area : 11,282 km2