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Public Service

Information on Immigration Service agencies

These agencies are tasked mostly with helping alien registration, issuing entry permits, reviewing applications for Korean nationality, supporting foreigners living in the country and providing other diverse services. They also provide necessary education and information programs for foreigners living in Korea.

Comprehensive foreigner support service (Hi Korea)

Through the Hi Korea Website, which is available in four languages – Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese – foreigners can make reservations for visiting Korea and apply for entry and extension of their stay in Korea.
※ How to use: visit the Website (  membership registration  click “E-Application,” “Reserve Visit,’ “My Page” and other related sections

Comprehensive foreigner information center (Telephone 1345)

This service allows foreigners to obtain information necessary for life in Korea online or via telephone without language barriers. Marriage immigrants equipped with expertise in relevant areas and interpreters are also on standby for any inquiries

  • Service hours: 09:00-18:00 on weekdays (not in service on weekends and holidays).
  • Available services: Immigration procedures, alien registration, extension of stay, invitation, nationality and other enquiries

Networks for marriage immigrants (

These networks, run by the Korea Immigration Service, provide contact numbers for people representing each of their home countries and allow them to exchange diverse information through regular meetings.

Daegu Immigration Service

  • Location: Go straight through the Ipseok intersection and you can find the office on your left, just before reaching the Dongchon intersection.
  • Address: 1012-1 Geomsa-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
  • Operation hours: 09:00-18:00 (not in service on Saturdays and official holidays)
  • Telephone: 82-53-980-3505, Fax: 82-53-980-3580


  • Bus: 11-5, 11-6, 608, 618, 628, 708, 718, 719, 808, 836, 980
  • Subway: Come out of exit number 1 at Dongchon Station and it is another 3-5 minutes on foot. Turn right after leaving the subway station and you will see a main street one block away. Go straight to the street and turn left.
Way to Daegu Immigration Office of the Ministry of Justice
  • 5 minute distance from Dongchon Station (Line1)
  • 5 minute distance from Toward Daegu International Airport
  • 10 minute distance from Dongdaegu IC