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Sister Cities

Da Nang, Vietnam – since August 3, 2018

Similar to Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, Da Nang is the base city for the development of the relatively underdeveloped central region of Vietnam. It was well-known for hosting APEC Vietnam 2017. The city’s major industries include processed seafood, which is characteristic of a coastal city, and labor-intensive industries, such as clothing and textile, shoe, and leather industries. However, with the recent improvement in the transportation and logistics infrastructure in central Vietnam through the central government’s support, Da Nang is seeing a peak in tertiary industries including chemicals, steel, and IT components, as well as the tourism and service industries. For over 15 years, Da Nang has conducted exchange and cooperation with Daegu, which has witnessed the city’s development from the initial years, including a direct flight route between Daegu and Da Nang as well as personnel exchange between the two cities. The city has also been a bridge for the new Vietnamese government’s signature ODA project in the south to build an urban disaster and safety system (USD 10.5 million).

  • Location : central Vietnam
  • Population : 1,020,000
  • Area :1,256